Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dance, Dance

Okay, it is another day and I am at work again. I am looking forward to next week for the Thanksgiving holiday. I am off on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Okay, I will get back to the point. My kids. Or rather, 2 of my kids. Kaitlyn and Emma. I will say one thing for sure, when my husband puts his mind to something, there ain't any talking him out of it.
Last night was the first night that Kaitlyn and Emma had jazz class at Holly's over in Lakeville. Travis found out from our daycare provider that her daughter teaches there and he should check it out. Well, he did and signed them up on the spot for Nicole's classes. They were excited because they knew their teacher and now they are going to dance. I got there after work, Travis took a busy baby home and I stayed to watch their first night of dance.
Okay, I love my kids and Emma had a blast and was so cute to watch. Kaitlyn tried really hard and did a good job and then got to a new step. Picture this....slippery shoes, wooden floor, and her moms genes. Yep, you guessed it, she fell. And I LAUGHED!! I think her ego was bruised more than her behind but she got up and she wasn't the only one that fell with that step but she was the first one. Poor kid. Anyway, she asked me if anyone laughed and I did admit that I laughed and so did one other mother. I think they both had a really good time and will go back with no problem at all.
So, if I start becoming one of those psycho dance mothers, please please please someone kick some sense into me. I want my kids to have fun but I don't want to be the one to force them to do it. Can't wait for soccer season too! Might as well run every night!!