Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last night of soccer

June 25, 2008 was the last night of spring soccer. Both girls went to their games and were very excited. Grandma Pam and Uncle Chris along with Cookie and Sam split their time so they could watch both the girls in their last game. They got to see more of Emma playing than I did all year. I can't wait til they can play at the same place so I can watch them both. Oh well, I guess there is always fall soccer. Kaitlyn's Grandma Annette and Grandpa Bob came up to watch her as well. She played great. It all comes together at the end. She went after that ball and kept going. Red faced and sweaty, she was a sight to see. I was proud of her. They grow up so fast. At the very end of the game, she went after the ball along with a member from the opposing team. Kaitlyn blocked to ball with a very loud, hard hit to the back of her hand. That is where her season ended. She is fine now and no swelling or anything. I hope she wants to play again. It is fun to watch them. I just wish we didn't have to sit through the cold and the rain as often as we do. So, now summer is just summer. Until school starts again. And dance. And soccer. And girl scouts. I don't want to think about it right now!

I am SO excited!!

Okay, just a quick little note on what happened to me today. I thought my day was going to start out bad since I got pulled over on my way to work. No front license plate on my car. The police officer was very nice, didn't even give me a written warning. So, I continued on to work. I listened to KDWB this morning and I heard one of the dj's say that they would be giving away New Kids on the Block tickets during his show. Well, I heard those touchtones, got through once. Wasn't the winner. Called right back a few times and then I heard it ringing. I WON NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK TICKETS!!!!!!!!! I called my good friend from high school/middle school when they were the "it" group for young girls our age and told her we were going to fulfill the dream that we never got to then. We are going to the concert. 16+ years after we begged our parents to let us go with friends that obviously had way cooler parents then we did. Mom, Dad, you are forgiven. Anybody know where I can get a topless hat like Joey always wore?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

storms, kids and my hot bed

There have been quite a few storms around here lately but we have been very lucky. Last night, soccer was cancelled. Travis took Kaitlyn to her dads house. We came up with a plan to have her go down there for today and tomorrow so then she doesn't have to miss out on the fun stuff we do on the weekends since he still isn't working. So, Travis and I had some burgers for supper. Ava WOULD NOT go to bed. She kept coming out and saying "hunder, hunder" every time she heard a rumble. It was cute but it was like 10 o'clock before she finally went to bed. The a/c was turned off and my husband opened a whole 1 window so it was hot in the house last night. Last thing I want is the two girls crawling into my bed when all I am using is a sheet to cover up since I am already steaming in bed. I heard some commotion during the night and Travis talking to Ava. Wake up this morning and here she is, on the floor, next to the bed. Thank goodness. She was close enough to not be scared but she wasn't heating us up all night.

Sun is shining today!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Time for soccer!

Okay, we had the dance recital for the girls on Sunday. They did awesome. Kaitlyn had a small hiccup in hers and poor Emma! They all have their own "number spots" which is where they are supposed to stand during the dance. Unfortunately, someone else ended up in her number spot for part of the dance. She had a look of terror and confusion on her face and there was a little bit of crying but then she kept going and did great. They were both wonderful and I was so proud of them. I had to miss the finale when little miss no-pants (Ava) decided she had to go potty when all she really had to do was get out of her seat and run around. We had two dilemmas. We realized when we got there that the girls forgot their light up sticks for the finale (they were able to borrow them) but that wasn't a big deal. The other dilemma.....Ava. No pants. Literally. She had to go potty before we left the house and since she is potty training, go for it. Great! She has a habit of taking off her undies when she goes. and since I was loaded down with my purse, camera, make up bag and jazz shoes, I didn't grab the diaper bag. All my fault huh? Especially since my lovely husband didn't grab anything except the kids! So, we got to the auditorium and he informed me that Ava had a bare butt. She was wearing a dress. Luckily, she was very good and because she pottied before we left, no accidents. But, she did moon a few people on purpose including grandpa more than once. What a cutie?

So, now we are just focusing on soccer. That ends at the end of the month but the summer is already filling up with amazing speed. Can't wait to see what happens! And cross your fingers that it is always nice on Mondays and Wednesdays. Ava and I sat in the rain watching Kaitlyn play soccer for an hour last night. We were all wet when we got home.