Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer ends

I am getting anxious for the end of summer. My kids going back to school and this year my baby girl starts Kindergarten. September 6 will be a rough day. Isn't it funny how fast it goes. My oldest is in her last year of middle school and even though Ava has been in the schools for 2 years with preschool and daycare, she is a big kindergartner this year. Mom will cry because I am a crier but I am looking forward to an exciting year for all 3 girls. Emma can't wait for school. She is my little learner.
Along with a new school year comes new adventures as well. Fall soccer is right around the corner as well along with a new sport for Kaitlyn. She is going to play volleyball instead of soccer. That is something different for us as it has ALWAYS been soccer but she wants to try something different. Everyone says she is so tall and she will be good at it. I hope she doesn't have my grace and poise or else she may just be falling all over the volleyball court. I am definitely a klutz. We will see how it goes!
Emma starts a softball hitting clinic in October right after soccer ends so I am thinking we will have a spring and summer spent at softball fields. She will have fun. Ava just wants to play soccer again. Mom, did you sign me up. Mom, when does soccer start.
Well, that is my update for now. School starting, sports starting, time to get in the Renaissance Festival and hopefully the state fair but only time will tell. More again soon I hope!