Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It is about time

Well, I haven't done this for awhile. Finally got the password thing figured out. This is going to be about time. Why don't we have enough of it. I seriously feel like I have lost touch with my life. I just got to spend the evening with an old friend talking and taking our time at Chipotle and it was great because we didn't have our kids. I hadn't seen her since my birthday party on September 1 2007. Sad huh? I have another friend like that. I can't even keep up with my emails. And the nights where I used to go out dancing, doesn't happen anymore. My single friends don't ever ask me to do anything and if I don't plan something in advance, it doesn't happen. I do have the time though to go get groceries and diapers. I do have the time to go to dance and hopefully will have the time for soccer in another month. I make the time to get my kids if daycare is closed. We do have time to take family outings to the zoo. I do have time to visit with my mom from time to time. So, for all of my friends out there that I don't seem to have time for, I love you and I hope you bear with me but......if you are anything like me, you understand why I don't have any time. Let's make a date! Sometime in the next year......