Monday, July 21, 2008

Where is summer going?

I can't believe we have already passed mid July. School starts again here on August 25. Summer is just flying by. Proof that life doesn't seem to even slow down is our schedule for the rest of summer. This past weekend, I spent Saturday night doing something I have wanted to do for a VERY LONG TIME!! I went to see.....NEIL DIAMOND with my mom. It was fabulous. That man can sing!! He did Sweet Caroline and then encored the chorus not once but twice after and I told mom that was worth admission. And he ended the show with Coming to America which is a great song!! I couldn't keep it a secret cause I didn't want her to buy tickets as well. I figured it was a good Mothers Day present and his new cd came out right before Mothers Day. It was fun. A memory I will always have.
So, back to the rest of the summer. This weekend is my mom's party. It is a no miss event for me. I am not sure about the rest of the weekend yet but I am sure we will hang out around the house and try to get something done. I think Travis and his sister might be planning a camping weekend and then the next week is the Vikings game and Bone Lake for the day. Sister in laws baby show the weekend after and then we roll right up to family vacation and school starting.

Just as I think a busy stressful summer might be ending, I have given myself a quit date to stop smoking. that date is August 31 and is looming closer and closer. Wish me luck that I make it past day one.

Then we start over again with soccer and dance and all that fun stuff.