Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Okay, so my husband may cry today. We leased a truck 39 months ago in preparation for the new baby (Ava) and he was convinced we needed a bigger vehicle. So we traded in the 4 door pickup for an extended cab. As the mother of 3 girls, I am pretty much convinced that this had more to do with what he wanted and not what was practical for a family of 5 with a dog but there wasn't much arguing. I went with him to pick up the new truck and drop off the old one. All good things come to an end though. The truck is going back to the dealer today. We are going to try our hand at no car payment for a few months at least and just use my car and Travis has a work van for his job. Wish me luck!! My sister in law pointed out this weekend, if he has to haul stuff, you can use a trailer with a mini van!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sick of summer!

This should actually be sick in the summer. Kaitlyn is feeling much better now. Strep didn't travel through my house but I have a summer cold right now. Just a heads up to everyone about my doctors visit. I didn't find anything out but do need to go back in 2 weeks and hopefully will get an answer of nothing wrong. It causes me to stress for a couple more weeks and go in for probably the most uncomfortable appointment ever for me but I need to know what is up.

Friday, August 8, 2008

I love food!

It is fair time. And I love food. This whole week I have been thinking alot about it. We went to mom and dads for his birthday on Wednesday. Mom made homemade eggrolls and crazy cake. Yum. Then last night, I worked at the fair and had a hot dog from Greg's Meats with a Mountain Dew. Double yum. I forget how good that meat is until I get to eat it again. Plus, their buns are fresh bakery buns and they are awesome!! Travis and I are going to the casino and planning on getting ruebens to eat and I am thinking about the state fair already. Plus, I love to cook. I love to try different recipes and see what I can add to them to make them my own. Look at my blog list! It is mostly food bloggers. So, that is all I wanted to say today. Now I am going to run and get a snack cause my big butt is hungry.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

update, parties

Okay, so Favre is traded to the New York Jets. It was fun to think about while it lasted.

It was my dad's birthday last night. We went down for egg rolls and cake. Or, if I put it in the order my kids prefer, cake and egg rolls and Grandpa's popsicles. They were wild as usual and Grandma says yes to alot more than I do. Between my dad, brother and myself and all of our issues, it was not a huge night of excitement but I told Dad we would have a birthday cocktail once he is feeling better. Mom fell on the deck but didn't break anything. Chris said she saved the cake. Ava was right there waiting though. Someone set the cake down and Ava was all over it. Reminded me of Dad's 50th birthday. I went to the local bakery and got him a cake with that good sugary frosting that we both like so much. We walked into the kitchen to find Emma with a chair pulled up to the counter and alot of frosting missing from the top of the cake. Fun stuff. Happy Birthday dad.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Go Vikes!

Okay, so this Friday the Vikings season starts with their first pre season game against Seattle. My hubby and I are going to the game. Should be fun. There is alot of talking going on right now about Brett Favre being reinstated for the Packers and the rumor I have heard is that he wants to be the Vikings. Holy bleep! I don't know if it is true or not but I am thinking, come on over! I am just curious to see what other people think about this. Fill in the comment section and let me know!! In case you are not familiar, the Vikings and Packers are big rivals in the division and they are our neighboring state. Could be funny if it were to ever actually happen. But, I will not hold my breath!