Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why do kids fight sleep?

Okay, so, last week I got a phone call from my husband telling me about how he was painting his parents laundry room. Just the fact that he called me randomly and wanted to talk was amazing but since I was working, I asked him if that is ALL he called for. Much to my happiness, it wasn't. He said he got a sitter (Grandpa and Grandma) for the 2 little kids on Saturday night. Kaitlyn was going to be in Hastings and they said that they would keep them overnight. Woo hoo! So, Saturday came and we dropped the girls off. We went and saw The Bucket List. Great movie and it wasn't something my kids would have picked to see. Last show I saw before that was Alvin and the Chipmunks. Big difference. We left the theater to go for dinner at the Olive Garden. We were able to wait patiently for our table without worrying about kids running around and actually had a conversation. I even got to order a glass of wine with my meal. After all that excitement, we ran to Target. Travis had bought a waffle maker and some mixes but no eggs to make waffles so that was the main thing we went for. Well, 30 minutes and $50 later, we left Target to head for home. My hubby and I, a dvd and a bottle of wine sounded really good! Now, I don't know exactly why but Travis and I settled in to watch the movie Suberbad and I fell asleep. I don't do that....ever!! He is the one that always falls asleep. Well, long story short, I missed the whole movie, wine was chilled but never opened and I finally went upstairs and climbed into bed. What a GREAT night! Thanks honey.

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