Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We all need friends!

So, last night, I stepped out into the garage. Kaitlyn and Emma are gone until Saturday and Ava was talking to Travis outside. Ava yelled at me as I stood on the step...."MOVE MOM! YOU'RE STEPPING ON SAM!" I look around to see if maybe there is a bug on my foot or a doll that I somehow missed. Ava has a new friend. His name is Sam and ONLY Ava can see him. Sam ate some pizza with her last night. He also slept with her and I had to give him a kiss good night. This morning, I had to leave early so I didn't hear anymore but when I talked to Travis later, I found out Sam stayed home to watch the babies for Ava but he did have breakfast with her. I wonder if he at wathles (Ava for waffles) as well? Just wanted to share my cute kid story.

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