Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Snow, snow, more snow...and did I say snow.

That is what we are looking forward to this Christmas. We live in Minnesota, come to expect it every year. I am grateful that we don't have far to go to celebrate with our families but am not looking forward to getting there. My girls have been misbehaving and the threats of sticks and rocks in their stockings doesn't seem to have stuck yet. Of course, that would never happen but we can threaten them. I am finishing shopping tonight and then I am going home to start cooking. Kind of. I am relying on tastefully simple this year for a couple of things. So easy and so yummy! But I am making my grandmas wild rice soup recipe, some jimmy dean dip and for Saturday at the in laws, cream cheese wontons. This is also the first Christmas that we have plans to go to the movies on Christmas Day as our usual plans have changed. I will leave everyone today with Merry Christmas wishes and hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.

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