Monday, May 19, 2008

I survived!!

Okay, I know I was dreading this weekend and truth be told, I am SO GLAD to be back at work. Sad isn't it? This morning, as I was contemplating playing hooky and convincing Travis to do the same, I realized that I really wanted to get back to a little bit of normal and come to work today. We have a beautiful new front door that was installed yesterday thanks to my husband and father in law. I moved some of Emmas furniture into Ava's room and then later this week, we are getting new carpet installed in her room and the living room. Halleluia! Of course when Travis is out there working on the door, I am really trying to get stuff done inside. Which is difficult as long as Ava is awake. She is non stop on and I am relieved when she falls asleep. So of course, we got in a yelling match (in front of his dad) because he thought I should be outside playing with the girls and inside doing stuff around the house. HELLO!?!? I know I am magical but can't be in two places at once. Well, I took the girls to get their dance pictures done (and left Ava at home!) and when I got home, I had a husband that apologized because he didn't realize that I had moved the furniture out of Emma's room yesterday. Duh! Don't assume that I am doing nothing because that is what it looks like to you. The upstairs mountain at the Johnson house, otherwise known as laundry, was folded. Most of her room was cleared out. At least what i could move with Kaitlyn's help. Girls ate and got all prettied up for pictures. I even had Kaitlyn go make our bed (cause I am not so good at that) and hung up some of our clothes. I deserved that glass of wine with dinner last night! It was an early to bed night and I wish it was a stay in bed and play footsie morning but I am here, hard at work. Wish me luck for the rest of today!

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