Friday, May 16, 2008


This has been quite a week. Started off with a nasty bug at 3 am Monday morning. I got out of bed to call into work and then went back to bed except for the constant bathroom breaks. Not pretty at all. Weird thing happened though Monday night. Travis is coaching Emmas soccer team so I was forced to go to Kaitlyn's game with Ava and I think she tuned in on mommy not feeling well so she cuddled with me the whole time. As I was spacing out, I noticed 3 police officers walking across the field next to Kaitlyn's. They walked up to a guy and eventually he got out of his chair and they took him away. Handcuffs and all. Through my neighbors great investigating, we found out that he showed up to his daughters soccer game....DRUNK!! And he was abusive to the coaches. Nice. Anyway, Travis took Kaitlyn to dance after soccer and Ava and I had a salad and cuddled.
Tuesday was pretty low key and not much going on. Then Wednesday came. We had to work overtime so I was at work til 6:30 pm. The neighbor took Ava. Grandma took Emma to her dance class. Travis coached Emmas team and I got to go get Kaitlyn from soccer as soon as I got done with work. Wearing 3 inch spike dress shoes walking across a soccer field where you sink in constantly is not something I would recommend to anyone. I went home and ate some enchiladas and went to bed super early.
Yesterday, I was supposed to work til 6:30 again but they let us go an hour earlier so I only stayed til 5:30. We had Kaitlyn's spring program and it was great. I tell you, I have one talented kid. I think all my kids are talented. But she looked so cute up there playing her recorder. The other too sat with dad and grandpa and their two grandmas and were super good. We hung out later that night and talked with the neighbors.
This morning, I did NOT want to get out of bed but here I am. I get to go to Emmas program at school today. The weekend is jam packed. Kaitlyn has her girl scouts outing at Carleton tonight. Tomorrow are soccer pictures and Emma has a birthday party to go to. Sunday Travis and his dad are putting in a new front door. (Thursday I get my new carpet!) Sunday we also have dance pictures. Anyone up for a vacation?

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