Thursday, August 7, 2008

update, parties

Okay, so Favre is traded to the New York Jets. It was fun to think about while it lasted.

It was my dad's birthday last night. We went down for egg rolls and cake. Or, if I put it in the order my kids prefer, cake and egg rolls and Grandpa's popsicles. They were wild as usual and Grandma says yes to alot more than I do. Between my dad, brother and myself and all of our issues, it was not a huge night of excitement but I told Dad we would have a birthday cocktail once he is feeling better. Mom fell on the deck but didn't break anything. Chris said she saved the cake. Ava was right there waiting though. Someone set the cake down and Ava was all over it. Reminded me of Dad's 50th birthday. I went to the local bakery and got him a cake with that good sugary frosting that we both like so much. We walked into the kitchen to find Emma with a chair pulled up to the counter and alot of frosting missing from the top of the cake. Fun stuff. Happy Birthday dad.

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