Thursday, October 16, 2008

Winter is coming

Well, Halloween is right around the corner and of course I am not ready for it. I have watched Halloweentown and Halloweentown High way too many times for an adult to see those movies but I love it. We are still busy all the time it seems like but nothing seems to be going on. Hunting season is starting also. That means that I will try to get my house cleaned and will be cooking way too much wild game. Pheasant noodle soup is on the menu for tonight. Actually, I already made it but am going to send it up North this weekend. Next thing will be Christmas. Where has the year gone? Anyway, I haven't written in awhile so I thought I would just babble.

New Kids on the Block Tuesday. I am really excited. You got the right stuff, baby!!

Oh yeah, by the way, I volunteered to be cookie mom for Girl Scouts this year so Kaitlyn will not be selling to anybody this year. Ha ha. Just Kidding.

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