Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We love soccer!

Last night was another game night for the girls. No practice in between last weeks game and this weeks. It was exciting. Kaitlyn went to her game with my hubby and my mom and I watched Emma along with my father in law. Kaitlyn enjoys soccer and is an athletic player but I am just amazed at Emma's team this year. They have just been steamrolling their opponents this year and it is FUN to watch! I just wish we could be in the same place so we wouldn't have to switch off so much. As long as the girls have fun, that is what matters!

Travis and the oldest 2 girls are going camping this weekend. That will be fun for them and Ava and I have plans to visit Grandma if we can. I think I will also let Sleeping Beauty sleep in if she wants. Travis said at 9 am this morning if he would have let her sleep, she would have still been in bed!

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