Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am SO excited!!

Okay, just a quick little note on what happened to me today. I thought my day was going to start out bad since I got pulled over on my way to work. No front license plate on my car. The police officer was very nice, didn't even give me a written warning. So, I continued on to work. I listened to KDWB this morning and I heard one of the dj's say that they would be giving away New Kids on the Block tickets during his show. Well, I heard those touchtones, got through once. Wasn't the winner. Called right back a few times and then I heard it ringing. I WON NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK TICKETS!!!!!!!!! I called my good friend from high school/middle school when they were the "it" group for young girls our age and told her we were going to fulfill the dream that we never got to then. We are going to the concert. 16+ years after we begged our parents to let us go with friends that obviously had way cooler parents then we did. Mom, Dad, you are forgiven. Anybody know where I can get a topless hat like Joey always wore?

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~Steph said...

THANKS DANI!! I'm so excited too! :) So how much of the crowd will be early/mid-30s women like us, do you think??

It's going to be so fun!!