Thursday, June 12, 2008

storms, kids and my hot bed

There have been quite a few storms around here lately but we have been very lucky. Last night, soccer was cancelled. Travis took Kaitlyn to her dads house. We came up with a plan to have her go down there for today and tomorrow so then she doesn't have to miss out on the fun stuff we do on the weekends since he still isn't working. So, Travis and I had some burgers for supper. Ava WOULD NOT go to bed. She kept coming out and saying "hunder, hunder" every time she heard a rumble. It was cute but it was like 10 o'clock before she finally went to bed. The a/c was turned off and my husband opened a whole 1 window so it was hot in the house last night. Last thing I want is the two girls crawling into my bed when all I am using is a sheet to cover up since I am already steaming in bed. I heard some commotion during the night and Travis talking to Ava. Wake up this morning and here she is, on the floor, next to the bed. Thank goodness. She was close enough to not be scared but she wasn't heating us up all night.

Sun is shining today!!

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~Steph said...

I cannot for the life of me, get Henry to bed at a decent time anymore!! He'll be really quiet for an hour and then come out several times because he's hot. Takes forever to get him to sleep. It's driving me crazy!! Luckily the thunder hasn't woken them up yet. :)